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Badass Advice From Jen Sincero

Earlier this year, I read Jen Sincero’s book “You Are A Badass.” As one of her self-help exercises, she recommends writing a personal manifesto. In present tense, you open a notebook (or MS Word in my case) and start writing about what your ideal life looks like. You write about your job and your family and the clothes you have on and the vibe of your house and the décor in your office and the feelings you have towards your (future) husband or wife or children.

If you could be anyone you wanted, and could do anything you wanted, who would you be? Write as if you’re that person. Write beautifully and passionately and feel all the feels. Once you’re done, take one last look at your manifesto and then put it away – forever.


You must read your manifesto everyday. Read it and believe it and live every word. Feel the love and have unwavering faith that this ideal life is within your reach. All you’ve got to do is be clear about your intentions and let the universe know you’re on your way to get what’s yours.

Confession: I wrote my manifesto (even teared up and texted all my friends about it), but then saved the file and never read it again. Self-help is time consuming and, at that time in my life, I didn’t think I had the time nor the need to reread something that I’d practically memorized.

Fast forward a few months, I got Sincero’s newest book “You Are A Badass At Making Money” as a birthday gift. Thinking it’d be about budgets and buying stuff, I put it on the backburner. Money has never been a huge driver for me, so when I saw the title I shrugged my shoulders and buried my head in Trevor Noah’s life story instead.

I didn’t get around to reading “You Are A Badass At Making Money” for a while. But when I did, I really did.

I absorbed every word. I made notes. I flagged pages. I snapchatted my favourite quotes. I completed the exercises at the end of each chapter.

I loved it.

Oddly enough, my rave review has nothing to do with making money. Personally, I enjoyed the book because it taught me about self-help and the universe and the power of your mind in a way that I hadn’t truly understood before.

Early in the book Sincero says, “a healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life.” Basically, money is freedom, and that theme is carried through every page of this self-help book.

As advertised on the back cover, “You Are A Badass At Making Money” promises that you will learn to:

  • Uncover what’s holding you back from making money;
  • Give your doubts, fears and excuses the heave-ho;
  • Relate to money in a new (and lucrative) way;
  • Shake up the cocktail of creation;
  • Tap into your natural ability to grow rich;
  • Shape your reality – stop playing victim to circumstance; and,
  • Get as wealthy as you wanna be.

For some reason, all the ‘ra-ra’ self-help goodness in “You Are A Badass At Making Money” resonated with me 100x more than it did in the first book. By the same token, as I flipped through each page, I kept thinking about how none of my friends would like the book. Lol.

So would I recommend it?

You have to be a certain type of person or in a certain frame of mind to enjoy this type of content.

If you’re someone who believes that thoughts become things and that meditation, visualization, gratitude and faith are all keys to success, or if you’re someone who’s on the cusp of believing any of those things – I would most definitely recommend the book.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a how-to guide on budgeting and investing and accounting, this book is not for you. I repeat: this book is not for you.

Finally, if you’re someone who’s already read the book, please let me know what you thought in the comments below. I’m dying to talk about it!

Did you try the exercises? Did you find them helpful? Did you follow Sincero’s advice to a T and become super rich?

Let’s talk!

2 thoughts on “Badass Advice From Jen Sincero

  1. Hey Newsha! I randomly found your website and I have to say I am impressed! Especially by how long you’ve kept it going :) now reading this post I think you could start your own published product by framing Sincero. That’s what I thought after skimming your site. Btw, I reconnected with Naila last month so I felt comfortable messaging you. Anyways, take care. Also, I’m sharing my twitter which has been the only good thing I’ve kept going for a year now. I see value in checking up on your site because now, I want an awesome blog too with my own adventures :p happy thanksgiving

    1. Omg! Hey Ayman! So nice to hear from you after all these years. And thanks for your kind words about the blog; it’s been a long journey and I’m still trying to figure things out – but that’s the whole point of being “not quite there yet” :) I’ll definitely check you out on twitter, and if you do ever end up starting a blog, let me know! Haha.

      All the best.

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