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So Yeah, I Hired a Life Coach

Guys, I hired a life coach!

Well, a life coach in training. You see, after reading Jen Sincero’s “You Are A Badass” books, I wanted to learn more about what it takes to build a career as a Life Coach. In my research, I stumbled upon ADLER which offers a Professional Coach Training Program. The program’s kind of pricey and seems like something I’d benefit from at a later stage in my career, so I clicked past their admissions info and moved on to their services page.

I found out they offer coaching services from students who are in their Practicum and close to certification. For a fraction of what it would normally cost to hire a life coach (and I really mean a fraction), you get five one-hour opportunities to talk to a complete stranger about your goals and dreams and figure out why you’re stuck in a rut.


I answered a couple of questions and was quickly matched with a life coach who works primarily with twentysomethings.

This Thursday will mark my fourth session. The first few were over Skype and the last couple have been in person. Until now, I hadn’t told many people about it; I jumped into the whole thing rather quickly and saw it as a simple add-on to my personal development journey… not anything to write home about.

However, now that I’ve been rethinking the purpose of my blog (thanks in part to my life coach), I realize there’s value in sharing my experience. I am not an expert in personal development by any means; I, like you, just want to live up to my potential and feel fulfilled in all aspects of my life. The only difference is that I’ve decided to work on myself “out loud” and share what I learn, as I learn it.

So if you’re thinking about hiring a life coach, here’s what I can tell you…

It’s not really coaching in the “drop and give me 20” sense. At least in my experience, it’s more like having a journal… but a journal that talks back, asks thought-provoking questions and gives you homework to complete in between sessions.


In order to get the most out of your experience, you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have always been an open book (and somewhat self-involved, lol) so I found it pretty easy to jump right in and start talking about my life candidly and honestly.


With that said, I understand that others may have a difficult time channeling that kind of vulnerability. So before you decide to hire a coach, I’d really think hard about what it is you want to be coached on and decide whether or not it’s important enough for you to dig deep and do the work that’s required in order to move forward.

Now when I say “dig deep,” I don’t mean, like, inner workings of your psyche kind of deep; that’s what a therapist is for. A life coach is mostly there to support you and help build your awareness of what you want to achieve and what’s holding you back. This can be something really specific like a personal or professional project, or something more generic like building your self-esteem or handling grief or developing better habits when it comes to health and fitness.

For me, I wanted to figure out why I was so inconsistent with my blog, discover my true passion and find a way to cultivate fulfillment both personally and professionally.


Maybe it’s because I’m already immersed in this self-help/personal development world, but it turns out I wasn’t as lost as I thought. All I really needed was to have someone act as a sounding board and help focus my attention and energy on the things I already know to be true.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far and I’m curious to see where things will go. I’ve gained a better sense of clarity when it comes to my strengths, my weaknesses, my goals and my limiting beliefs. And as an added bonus, it’s sort of been like a job shadow opportunity for me to see if life coaching is something I may want to pursue in the future.

If you are a life coach or have ever worked with a life coach, let me know in the comments below. There’s so many levels and variations to this coaching thing – I’d love to hear how your experience differs from mine!

I’m officially one step closer to there,

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