Me: “Amy! I have an idea and I want you to be on board.”
Amy: “What is it?”
Me: “Let’s do No Drink November.”
Amy: “Okay.”

Those were the first words uttered in my apartment this morning.

As you may have guessed, I had a couple drinks last night. I had an uncomfortable sleep and woke up super dehydrated. I felt gross, lazy and lethargic. Beer will do that to you.

Some time around 10 am, I opened my eyes and thought, “I don’t like how I feel right now and I don’t want to feel like this again.” That was that; one simple realization and No Drink November was spoken into existence.

That got me thinking – what if all decisions were that easy? What if you woke up one day and simply said “no” to all the things you know aren’t good for you, the things that make you feel bad, the things that bring you down? What would life look like if you simply decided that no means no? No debate. No negotiation. Just no.

Here’s what I’d say “no” to:

  • NO hitting the snooze button.
  • NO staying up way past midnight.
  • NO fear of failure.
  • NO eating out of boredom.
  • NO negative self talk.
  • NO carb-loading.
  • NO comparing my life to others.
  • NO skipping breakfast.
  • NO gossiping.
  • NO snap judgements.
  • NO beating myself up for past mistakes.
  • NO crappy food.
  • NO caring what others think.
  • NO hiding how I feel.
  • NO keeping score.
  • NO overthinking.
  • NO clutter.
  • NO being afraid to take risks.
  • NO procrastinating.
  • NO hanging on to old clothes.
  • NO bad coffee.
  • NO saying yes out of guilt.
  • NO limiting beliefs.
  • NO spam emails.
  • NO taking work home.
  • NO mean girls.
  • NO douchey guys.
  • NO settling for less than I deserve.
  • NO peer pressure.
  • NO being late.
  • NO distractions.
  • NO losing faith.
  • NO multitasking.
  • NO negative people.
  • NO diets.
  • NO uncomfortable shoes.
  • NO small talk.
  • NO sleeping with makeup on.
  • NO overspending.
  • NO pretending.
  • NO giving up.

Clearly, I’ve got a lot of sh*t I’d like to say "no" to.

No Drink November seems like a good starting point.

So while I go off and say my good byes to red wine, vodka sodas and pints of craft beer, I’ll leave you with a final thought.

If you could decide right here and now that you weren’t going to do something anymore, would you do it? What would you say “no” to in order to make your life bigger, better, brighter?

One step closer to There,

2 thoughts on “No is my new favourite word

  1. My mother was OCD about weighing herself every day. Once a week or once every few days, OK, but every day? I said No to that a long time ago. I even got rid of my bathroom scale. Been the same weight more or less for the past 20 years. Not going to allow myself to drive myself that nuts.

  2. Love this! I’ve been saying no to eating out boredom and must some more restrictions on my diet because it was getting out of control. Good luck with your no’s :)

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