Hi there!

My name is Newsha and I’m the founder and blogger-in-chief here at NQTY. 

By day, I’m a 9-to-5er on Bay Street. By night, I’m a girl (woman?) in her twenties who likes to read books, drink coffee and test out every possible theory for self-improvement.

Self-help, personal development, wannabe life coach – whatever you want to call it, that’s what NQTY is all about.

I am constantly striving to learn and grow and be better than I was yesterday. As I navigate my way through the emotional rollercoaster that is my twentysomething life, I am committed to working on myself out loud.

Whether I’m wearing sweatpants to work, having panic attacks in the back of an uber or reading books that promise to solve all the world’s problems – I am learning from it, writing about it and sharing my story with those seated next to me on the struggle bus. 

Join me, won’t ya?

a.k.a. Not Quite There Yet – but trying very damn hard to get there.

(Wherever “there” may be)