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An open letter to my 9-to-5 self

Dear Newsha, Your staycation has come and gone. Now a few short hours away from your back-to-work debut, it’s time to sit back and mentally prepare for what’s coming your way. You’ve had two full weeks to get your “non-work life” in order. You took a trip, you signed the lease on a new condo, more »

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Are sit-stand desks the new Pilates?

I recently moved to a new office that’s equipped with sit-stand desks. For those of you who don’t know what a sit-stand desk is, it’s an adjustable workstation that lets you choose between sitting or standing while you work. Hence the name.  All you have to do is press a little button at the side of the more »

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This Week @ Work: Jan 13 – 17, 2014

To be honest, this week kind of sucked but such is life so… Here are five things that happened This Week at Work: 1) I volunteered to help out with a lot of data entry and spent the majority of the week cross-eyed and prone to migraines. 2) Thankfully, I discovered there is a special Advil Migraine only sold in more »

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